Automation of your early-stage business

Appeal angle:

Do you have an early stage business, let’s say, educational center that is specialized for foreign languages, and you are offering some online courses as well. In order to make your business more effective than usual ones, you might add some extra services to your business website – dictionary with definition and example sentences, well, and speech assessment – super useful tool for language learners.
You can easily done all of the works with ZeroOne platform – no-code technology to develop software.

Supporting hypothesis:

All you need is building amazing front-end part of your site which you can easily done without making your hand dirty even with a single line of code. In spite of ZeroOne has tons of APIs to use, it also allows you to connect any API to your work from the outside. So, to give a life to our idea above, we connect our front-end to the back-end which is builded with workflows using necessary APIs.


ZeroOne is a great tool for the businesses, especially for  the ones, which are bootstrapping their early-stage business or start-ups – without spending huge amount of money, they can create a platform for their businesses by themselves without prior IT knowledges. 



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